About Us

Informatix Inc. was founded in October 1981. Since then, Informatix has been providing Computer Aided Design (CAD) products in the Japanese market. In order to meet growing demands, Informatix not only devotes itself to the CAD products development and marketing but also has launched into new products such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 3D paint rendering and 3D viewer systems.

To be more competitive in the marketplace, Informatix has also started providing services for consultation on system integration.

Informatix Inc. is a corporation organised under the laws of Japan with registered office at

Muzakawasaki Central Tower 27F
1310, Omiyacho
Kawasaki 212-0014

Tel: +81 44-520-0850
Fax: +81 44-520-0845

Support and development for MicroGDS and Piranesi is based in Cambridge, England and Kawasaki, Japan.

MicroGDS and Piranesi are registered trademarks of Informatix Inc.
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